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Sing Evensong

Sing Evensong
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Organists' Review
Issue: September 2012

Here is an innovative idea, economical and convenient. There's a wealth of music contained within some 90 pages, cleverly laid out and signposted for maximum clarity and ease of continuity. I'm not saying that I'm addicted to every item... "one man's meat" and all that... but there is enough within each section to please most tastes.

At this affordable price anyone involved in presenting Choral Evensongs should add this to their library. There are simpler works alongside more taxing settings, diatonic vocabulary next to more colourful language, accompanied versus a cappella items, upper voices as opposed to SATB etc. There is much to please here but I would particularly recommend Anthony Baldwin If ye love me, Peter J Smith Responses, the Malcolm Archer chant to psalm 96 and the David Orr and Ben Parry evening canticles.

- Andrew Fletcher

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